1_filteredMy life is probably much like yours — a crazy mixture of happy, sad, good, and bad and at the end of the day everything is sprinkled with a spoonful of thankful and a bit of wonderment about it all. My name is Clara, or “Claire”, as most of my eleven kids call me. I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania, but I grew up along the shoreline in New Jersey, and that’s where my heart will forever be. Heaven always feels closer when by the sea! Life has been filled with some amazing mountaintop experiences combined with some deep-in-the-valley times that have stretched me more than I ever imagined possible! I’m a believer in God who is a cheerleader! Yep! That’s what I love to do — cheer people on, be an encourager and help people learn to fly when they think they’ve lost all hope. I’ve found my way through a lot of murky, yucky stuff to a really happy place in life, and I’d like to share some of my wild ride with you so that you can find your joyful path, too. Let’s learn and grow together! Are you ready to talk? Let’s do it and let’s have a bunch of fun along the way, too! PS I’m Italian!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. “Heaven always feels closer when by the sea” — I agree! Thanks so much for the likes on my blog, and for adding another voice to an often silent discussion. I often write about the same core subject, although cloaked in vague imagery and from a different point of view…

    • Jason, How good to see you here! Thoughts of walking along the shore have been my sanity many days — providing me with peace and equilibirum in a sometimes crazy, mixed up world!

      Your writing is wonderful — and so appreciated! I’m looking forward to reading and writing more and of growing and learning together!

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