Clara Hinton – a modern day Heroine

Never in a million years would I consider myself a heroine — ever, but it is humbling to know that God is using my past to help others.

Thank you all for continuing to read my story and thank you for expressing your stories, your journeys, and your questions about what to do now.  I’ll be adding resources and ways for you to get help to the blog.

You all are my heroes!!!!  Someone I’ve never met — someone I don’t know has written this story — sharing part of her life.  Please read, and hopefully her words will encourage you to speak out — even a little bit.  Every time that you speak out, you dilute the power an abuser has over you!

Clara Hinton – a modern day Heroine.

It’s because of things like this happening that I continue to write — praying over every word asking God to help me speak the truth in a way that will help others break free from the iron hand of abuse — whether it is emotional, physical, sexual, or all of different ways a person can be abused!




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