Clara Hinton – a modern day Heroine

It’s because of comments like this that I continue to write….Never would I consider myself a heroine of any sort, but I consider every one of you that has lived under the hand of abuse my hero. Every time God uses my words in some small way to help a person break free fom the cycle of abuse — whether physical, emotiona, or spiritual — I know that my past now is being used for good.
Let’s continue to speak out. Let’s continue to break free. Let’s continue to be advocates against abuse!

Miss Spirit

 For the past few months I have been avidly following the blog of Clara Hinton – Married to a Pedophile.  And although I have never met Clara in person, I am so in awe and inspired by her courage and spirit. She is also an amazing mother to eleven children – her son Chris, described her as a saint! She also has lots more grand children. Over the years, Clara suffered terrible psychological abuse at the hands of her preacher/pedophile husband, John. At the same time, he led a secret life which involved sexually abusing children in his parish. Clara’s abuse lasted for around 40 years until she plucked up the courage to leave. Of course that was not the end of the story because controlling, abusive men never just let their wives walk away peacefully or seek a win: win compromise. They just can’t do it and it is…

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