Haiti: Thank You for Sharing the Love!

Because of “you” — everyone who donated to the “Haiti 2013 Mission Trip” — our team is now officially able to go and share the love!  I want to express my special thanks to every person who donated so generously!  You have no idea the impact your gifts will make on the lives of those who are waiting, watching, praying, and hoping for some relief!

So many people have asked me why I have chosen to go on this trip again?  Last year’s trip was difficult in so many ways.  Most of our team got sick — some got very sick requiring a stay in the hospital when they returned home.  One person lost his job because he took time off to go on this trip, and he still hasn’t found work.  Still others were emotionally overcome with grief.  And, so the question remains, “Why are you going?” 

I’m going because my heart has been moved in a way I can’t quite put into words.  I’m going because it is my God-given privilege to go.  I’m going because there is a need.  I’m going because I love children, and I am so honored to be used by God in this way.  I’m going for selfish reasons, too.  Three of my children will be going (Roni, you’ve just been adopted as “my child”!), and I love being together with them as we serve others.  I’m going because my heart still needs some healing from the pain of brokenness, and one of the best ways I know to heal is to serve others.  I’m going because Jesus has asked us to.  I’m going because of a million different reasons, but most of all I’m going because while I still have life and breath in me I want to serve a purpose and this is one more way for me to do just that.

Again, thank you to each and every person who has been moved in your heart enough to give towards this trip.  Just $5 gives so much help!  Food is scarce.  Jobs are almost nonexistent.  Crops don’t grow well due to the extreme heat and drought.  Pure drinking water is hard to find, and so these precious people drink what water they can.  There are disease-carrying mosquitoes, and illnesses, lack of medical help, and lack of transportation.  How can you work for pay when there are no jobs?  How can you grow food when the soil is like a concrete pavement?  How can you stay healthy when you’re drinking contaminated water?  How can you stay free from disease when there are no vaccines available? 

You know what?  It all sounds dismal except for one thing:  HOPE!  And, that’s where you and I come in.  Every time there is a visit from a group such as our “Haiti Mission Team 2013”, there are deposits of hope.  And, when hope is ignited, amazing things happen.  Hope in our Lord, hope in the kindness and love of each other.  Hope in knowing that there are caring people who will give up a small portion of their time and money to cheerfully give to others. 

Thank you so much on behalf of those we will visit in just two short weeks!  They are your children.  Your brothers.  Your sisters.  Your mothers.  Your fathers.  We are a family, and together we will share the love!

If you care to donate more for food and formula, please visit here .  I promise you that every cent will be used towards rice, beans, formula, and any emergency needs that we see while there.  Thank you for giving up a little so that we can share much!

Please pray over the children in these photos.  Ask God to help us teach the children more about God and His amazing love.  Pray that we might stay safe and healthy.  Pray that the children will find parents who want to adopt them into a loving home.  Pray that as we visit those who are sick and dying that we will have hearts of compassion.  Please pray for this Mission Team effort to bless many!  Thank you so much!

Beautiful children.  Beautiful hearts.  So in need of hope!

This is the Cap-Haitian Children’s Home (orphanage) where our team will be staying.  The weather will be in the high 90’s while we are there, and trust me when I say there will not be any Dairy Queen at the end of the day!  There are not even ice cubes — luke warm water is the drink of the day.

I can’t look at this little child without my entire heart smiling! 

The daily life in Haiti is so difficult.  People walk as much as five miles a day just to get some drinking water.  Can you imagine?  Not a day goes by without me thanking God for the abundance of sparking clean drinking water we have right at our finger tips! 

One of the things that is so difficult for us is to accept “gifts of food” from the very people who have gone for two or three days without a single meal.  This is how much our visits mean.  Hope is that important!  This man cracked open a coconut for us — more than a day’s wage for him — and joyfully watched as we ate his special gift to us!

These feet walked many miles in the hot, blazing sun to find water and food.  How can we ever complain again after seeing something like this?  This little lady was precious and all she wanted from us was to pray with her.  That was it — she wanted some HOPE!

And, this is why I return!  Stephanie, thank you for encouraging your mom to make the first trip last year.  And, thank you for encouraging your sister to make her first trip this year.  And, thank you to all who have given so graciously to share the love! 



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