From Rose Bud to Full Blossom!

Most of us are our own worst critics.  We feel inadequate in so many ways, and that inadequacy instills fear in us.  Fear, when fed, prevents us from doing those things that ultimately would give us the courage, energy, and persistence to grow and blossom into our full potential. 

Okay, so here you have it.  I was a victim of my own fear.  For years I’ve wanted to bloom and I’d get almost to that point of blossoming, and then something inside my crazy head would begin telling me, “You can’t do this.  It’s a crazy idea.  Why do you think you’re qualified?  Other people can speak and write so much better than you!” 

Well, you know what?  This year I’ve made a decision to blossom!  I’m going from bud to blossom and I’m so excited about it that I’m finding it hard to calm down enough to sleep at night!  Every day I’m taking one action plan — one step — towards reaching my full potential to bloom, and it feels soooooooooo  good!

My mini goal is to write one thing that is meaningful each day.  I can do that! In fact, I have been doing that since January 1. My middle-sized goal (where the bud begins to open) is to take these daily writings and turn them into a super inspirational story or a book.  I will do that, and day-by-day I’m taking steps to completing this.  My BIG sized goal (and this is where the blossoming happens)  is to speak to groups of wonderful, awesome people (who don’t always know or feel they’re wonderful and awesome) about how to turn disappointments and loss in this life into something beautiful. I want to share with thousands how to find their happy place in life!   

Do you have secret goals and aspirations?  Has fear been holding you back?  C’mon and join me in this awesome adventure!  Get started on your dreams.  Share them with someone — anyone.  Share them here, if you’d like!  And then start working towards your dream step-by-step, and don’t let anyone or anything discourage you! Never, ever lose hope in your ability to blossom!! 

 Let’s bud, blossom, and bloom together!  If this old mama of eleven can blossom, so can you! 

Clara (Mama Lucca)

PS  It sure does help when you have a cheerleader on your side!  A special thanks to my friend Jen for being in my corner!  It’s so much fun for me getting to see her bloom, too! Any other takers on this blooming thing?  Let’s put together the brightest, most beautiful bouquet you’ve ever seen!

Nature is such an inspiration!  Look at those buds!  That’s just how we are — full of potential to bloom!

Oh, yes!  The bud is unfolding and is one step closer to blooming!  You can be like this, too!

The bloom!  Beautiful in every way!!!  From bud to bloom — NOTHING can stop you except you!

By the way, I love photography but I don’t have a fancy, schmancy camera.  These photos were taken with a little point and shoot, so don’t put off taking pictures just because you don’t have a $500 camera.  A little $89 like mine one will do!

Let’s do it!  It’s time to take those steps towards finding your happy place!   


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