By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea!

Life sometimes presses in on us from all sides.  We get stressed, obsessed, depressed, and often we don’t  know where to go for a moment of peace or comfort.

Growing up along the Atlantic coast, I found out at an early age that there is something absolutely amazing and wonderful about the ocean.  The rhythmic waves seemed to lull me into a place of calm, and to this day, that still happens.  Give me a day by the sea, and I’ll show you how quickly the stresses of life can subside!

No, I don’t live “by the sea” any more.  I live in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.  And, while there are times when these hills and mountains are more than majestic and provide me with tremendous beauty, I still find my most treasured moments of relection and relaxation are times spent by the sea.

Please scroll along with me and enjoy some of my most peaceful places by the sea.  Ahhh….I can almost smell the salt air being carried ashore by the gentle breezes. 

Oh, how well I remember this day!  I sat on the pier and watched the boats floating gently by!

What a life!  Walking along the shore…..just me and the constant, reassuring rhythm of the waves!

Peace, perfect peace!
Okay, so the kid in me came out.  It was mid-February and I took a dive into the ocean!  Who can resist? 
The sunrise was spectacular!  This is Myrtle Beach in February — and my hearts skips a beat every time I look at this scene!  Every morning I was out along the beach snapping pictures of the sunrises!
Anybody know of a someone who needs a caretaker for their beach house?  I can be packed in 15 minutes — swimsuit, towel, shorts, t-shirt, flip-flops, and a toothbrush!  I’m ready!!!!

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