Haiti: "Only God Knows the Plan and the Heart"

Sometimes we look at people with so many preconceived ideas.  We think we know their hearts, their goals, their ambitions, and their purpose in life.  But, oh how wrong we can be — especially when God is in the mix!

Such is true for this couple, Steph and Roni.  They have totally different backgrounds, there are several years separating their ages, they had a “long distance” dating relationship, and many people said, “Oh, they’ll never make it.  They aren’t made for each other. They have so many differences that the odds are stacked against them.”

One thing people often forget to factor in is “God.”  When love for God is central in a person’s life, the other “stuff” becomes little in comparison to what really matters.

As a mother, I’ve watched with awe as this couple, Steph and Roni, have grown, blossomed, and become living examples of what love means.  I’ve seen them sacrifice for others.  I’ve seen them serve others in ways that I personally have never served.  I’ve seen their faith in God grow and blossom.  I’ve seen their love for each other blow me away!  They have a respect for each other that I didn’t know could exist in a marriage!

This young couple, against all odds, got married, and their love for each other continues to grow along with their love and dedication to God.

They took on a responsibility that many seasoned Christians would never dream of doing…..they put together a mission team of thirteen people of mixed backgrounds and diverse experiences with mission work and led one of the most powerful mission trips to Haiti ever.  Why?  Because they didn’t think about negatives; they concentrated on one thing — serving in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

One couple, plus a love for God equals immeasurable acts of love and service.
I love this young couple so much!  They are a daily inspiration to me and countless others.  And, they are a living example of what happens to lives when God is at the heart and soul of a person.

Steph and Roni, thank you for stepping out in faith and putting together “Team Squirt”!  We laughed, we served, we cried, and we loved together….all because you had the courage to step out in faith and say, “Let’s do it.  Let’s go, team!”

I can’t wait to see what all happens as God continues to grow in the hearts of this couple.  Two ordinary young kids (as some would say) against all odds accomplished many wonderful things in the name of God our Father. 

May we each learn to be open to the calling of God.  May we step out in faith.  And, may we know the joy of serving!  When in doubt, just look at this picture of Steph and Roni.  They are living examples of what happens when God is first!

Thank you for being my inspiration!  Thank you for showing how serving God is a joy, not a task.  And, thank you for encouraging me to be part of the best team I could ever have joined, “Team Squirt”!

Love forever,


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