The Unforgettable Band Aids

I want to be a Band Aid like this, too! 

I can now say that I am personally attached to an unforgettable Band Aid, and her name is Stephanie.  And,  she’s married to a Band Aid named Roni.  And, I know lots more Band Aids named Bill and Mary Ann, and Jimmy, and Chris, and Tim, and DP, and Joe, and …….. Oh, I could go on and on and on!  I love these Band Aids, and I want to be one, too! 

I never thought I’d hear from nay sayers about my trip to Haiti, but it has begun.  Several people have said to me, “It’s ridiculous of you to go on this trip.  What’s the purpose?  Do you really think you can help anything?  You’re nothing more than a Band Aid!  As soon as you leave, the poverty and hunger and pain will still be there, and you’ve accomplished nothing.”

You know what?  I disagree!!!!  I’m going on this trip because “I want to be a Band Aid”, and I’m so thankful for every Band Aid I know!  Thank God that Band Aids have come into my life during moments of pain and have placed that arm of love around me, helped me with a bag of groceries, paid a utility bill, given me parts for my car, called me with encouragement, and directed me to God’s word for Spiritual strength during my times of need (and there have been many of those times!).  If the Band Aids had not reached out to me, I have no idea where I would be today!

My prayer this day is a simple one.  “Lord, make me a Band Aid who represents You in all that I do.”

Only thirty eight more days until take off……

PS  If you weren’t mentioned by name as one of my Band Aids, please know that my heart recognizes and loves every one of you.  My Band Aids are too many to mention here, and I thank God daily for that.  Now it’s time for me to pay it forward! 
PPS  Just letting you know that this Band Aid is still not eating chicken feet!   


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