Water, Water, and More Water!

Today’s diet consisted mostly of water.  Wonderful, fresh, ice cold water.  I drank it for breakfast.  I drank it for lunch.  I drank water with a slice of lemon for my afternoon snack.  And, I just finished another tall glass of water with lots of ice.
I’ve always been a water drinker — even as a small kid I can remember going out to the hand pump and cranking out the water.  Oh, it was so cold and seemed to hit the spot perfectly, especially on those muggy, hot days in New Jersey!  Even better was when there was an outside spigot to turn on and stick your head under to cool off and lap up that refreshing, cold water.
Why did I drink only water today?  You guessed it!  Haiti is always on my mind these days.  I’ve been told that fresh, clean water is something that is not readily available to everyone.  In fact, most of the water where we will be staying is contaminated.  We will have to purchase our water and be ever so careful not to even allow the “regular water” to touch our lips. 
This disturbs me so much!  In this day and age of super technology, the finest machinery and drilling equipment, and advances being made daily in the fields of science, how in the world are there people who still don’t have clean drinking water readily available to them?
I don’t have the answer to that question, but I do know how much I love and appreciate thirst-quenching, clean, clear, cold water!  And, I know that I am acutely aware of the struggles many people go through just trying to get a little bit of drinking water for their daily hydration.  I also know it pains me to think of living a life without fresh, clean drinking water. 
Forty five days until my feet stand on Haitian soil.  Forty five days until I will be wondering where I will get my daily supply of water.  Forty five days until I will not have any icy, cold water to drink on those steamy, hot days.  Forty five days until I will experience first hand what it truly means to be in need of one of the most basic things in life — clean drinking water.
Forty five days until I see with my eyes what it’s like not to have a pump in the front yard, a spigot on the side of the house, at least 5 or 6 faucets inside of the house pouring out clean, clear water.
Forty five days until my heart will forever be broken………

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