On the Way to God’s Garage!

This blog spot is about healing, and sometimes I feel really bad that I lack organization. My topics are here, there, and everywhere…..some funny, some real tear-jerkers, some kind of blah, but all with an intended meaning to help bring us closer to a healing place in life! So, bear with this old mom and read on about some of my thoughts following my daughter’s trip home from a mission trip in Haiti.

Right up front I’ll put it on the plate. I know that not everybody is in favor of “us” (US citizens) being in another country helping out when we have so many problems right here under our own noses. However, I’m entitled to my own belief and opinions, and I want to say that I know that we should be helping all people who are in need, not just those in foreign countries. We are to serve wherever our hearts lead us. The key word phrase here is “we are to serve”, not sit idly by and complain, fuss, and give thoughtful insights as to how the world got to be such a terrible place. We are to get up off of our dusty butts and do something to help better our world!

That being said, I will tell you that I am a most thankful person every day of my life. I’m thankful for things like food, a home, peace within the walls of my home, health, a loving family…..all of the things that everyone places at the top of their own thankful lists. But, when my daughter and her fiancee‘ came home from serving a week in a Haitian orphanage, spending time hugging the aged and those dying alone , and visited a debtor’s prison, my life experienced unrest and is still in a mindset of restlessness.

I say “thank you” for everything, and every day I am overcome with appreciation for my wonderful blessings. But, when I saw the photos that Stephanie shared of the Haitian children, something began hurting in my heart like never before. I saw the faces of the oppressed. I saw the look of loneliness. I definitely saw starvation. The intense, sweltering heat, and the lack of blessings such as cold, pure drinking water were evident in every photo. No formula for babies. Nobody to extend caring, loving arms to children roaming the streets with no place to call home. My heart really aches just writing these words!

Here I sit and not far beyond the boundaries of my home is the daily scene of poverty, not just physical poverty, but spiritual poverty, and I’m aware of this. Yet……I sit. Something very big is missing in my own heart that Stephanie and the others who went on this trip possess. My heart is missing the final part of love. My heart is missing the “giving” part. My heart is missing the “action” part of love! I say love with my lips, I feel it in my heart, but I’m not always living it. My heart needs a tune-up and I cannot rest until I get my heart into “God’s Garage” and allow Him to give this old woman the tune-up of her life.

Stay tuned……..I’ll be posting lots more of my thoughts and actions in the days to come. Want to join me as I travel to the tune-up place? I’m not sure yet just where it’s located, but I know I’m on my way, and I know the Master Mechanic that’s in charge!



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