Inside Every Peanut There’s a Man!

As a kid, I can remember many hours spent finding the “Peanut Man” inside of every peanut that I opened. If you haven’t tried doing that, you should! You can see the shape of the man’s face, his top hat, his moustache, and his long beard. You can even see Mr. Peanut Man’s eyes looking right at you! And, the fun part is that no two peanut men are exactly the same!

Most of us have probably never looked for the man in the peanut, though. We dig through the bag, shell the peanuts, gobble them down, and then we’re done, often hardly even taking the time to savor the lingering taste of the peanut. (Can you tell I’m a fan of peanuts?)

Isn’t that how it is in life most of the time? In the course of a week, we come in contact with so many different people, we say a quick “hi”, and exchange of few words, then go on our way never even savoring the flavor of the individual much less taking the time to look for the man inside each person!

Life is too wonderful to allow it to pass us by unnoticed! We do it with people in general, with our friends, and many times we even do this with our close family members including our children. We just gulp down the “mundane stuff of the day” without taking time to look at the individual man inside of each flavorful peanut. We busy ourselves with the menial tasks of everyday living, and carelessly toss aside the meatier parts of life, including spending enough time with one another to really get to know the heart and what makes each of us tick.

Who are the peanuts in your life? Your co-workers? Your aunts, uncles, and cousins? Your friends at school? Your mate? Your children? Your grandchildren? Do you take the time to really see them for who they are? Do you make the time to enjoy their individuality? Do you look for the things that make them uniquely and wonderfully different? It’s FUN getting to know people, especially those close to us, on a more personal level. Everybody has something special, something unique, to add to the beauty of the day, but we must take the time to look for it!

Inside of every peanut there’s a man just waiting to be discovered! There’s a wonderful personality, a terrific brain, a flavorful side, and a uniqueness that was meant to be discovered.

Why not try something different today? Why not spend enough time with those you come in contact with to find the peanut inside the man? I have a feeling you’re going to be happily surprised at all of the neat faces you’ll find!



PS For those of you who are allergic to peanuts, keep in mind there are all kinds of other nuts in this world just waiting to be discovered!

3 thoughts on “Inside Every Peanut There’s a Man!

  1. LOL…I had no idea about this peanut man! Will have to try that!This was a sweet post and I couldn't agree more that we are all special and unique and worth getting to know!

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