The Bible Totin’ Kid from Nashville

Every now and then something strikes a chord in your heart that plays a song that you’ll remember forever. That’s just how it was on my most recent trip to Nashville to visit family.

We were gathered in the livingroom saying our final goodbyes when my two-year-old grandson entered the room with all smiles. He was dressed up in his Sunday best and ready to go to church! He was happy from the inside out and you could tell. His eyes sparkled, there was dancing in his steps, and he clutched ever-so-proudly to his very own Bible! Yes, you heard me……he has his very own Bible at the age of two! Name inscribed on the Bible, too!

I captured a picture, not just because I think he is cute as all dickens, but because that was a sight precious to my heart. My son and his wife are teaching their children from little up the absolute JOY of knowing God! Going to church isn’t a drudgery. It wasn’t a sacrifice to get up early, get all dressed up in church clothes (when sunshine and a swimming pool were calling to them outside of the dining room window). It wasn’t a hardship to carry that Bible around, nor was it an embarrassment. He was proud to be going to church! He was so happy to show me his name written on the front cover of his very own Bible! He was full of joy, and for all of the right reasons! God is love! God is our Father. God is our Redeember. God is our Everything!

In this hurried world of ours, we sometimes allow “things” to get in the way of way of the meatier parts of life — those things of lasting significance. And, we often drift far, far away from what is of eternal value. We get sucked into the temporary fun stuff of life, and forget that we can have absolute fun while we’re being totally in love with our heavenly Father. Joy and God are synonymous….they are not enemies of one another.

This photo of Zach is etched in my mind and burned on my heart forever. May we always strive for that child-like love of God! May we never be ashamed of calling God our Father! May we display our Bible in our hands, hearts, and homes with the same joy of this little one who so innocently said, “Gram, look! MY Bible!”

By giving our children the words of God, we are giving them the map to an eternity spent in heaven, as well as the guide for all of life while on earth. There will be hard troubles that smash into our lives. There will undoubtedly be difficult challenges that test us to the very core of our being. But, if we cling tightly and proudly to the words found in that Bible, there will be nothing that will ever pull us away from our God, our Father, and our Saviour!

Who knows what lies in store for this little two-year-old Bible totin’ kid from Nashville! Maybe he will be the next voice that God uses to tell the world of His love. And, to think it all began with a little tan Bible in the hands of a very young boy from the hills of Tennessee!


Clara Hinton


3 thoughts on “The Bible Totin’ Kid from Nashville

  1. Hallelujah!! This is just so wonderful to read about!! I love that you wrote about;"giving them the map to an eternity"My three year old also totes a bible and praises God anywhere and everywhere. I love to here the name of Jesus on his lips, like music to my ears…and God's too!

  2. Tamara and Preacherman,Thanks to both of you for your reinforcement of how awesome it is to see little ones carrying arount the word of God, not just in their hands, but in their hearts! Thanks for your comments.Love,Clara

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