There’s More to Ice Cream Than Meets the Eye!

I don’t know about you, but I love ice cream! I mean I really love ice cream, and apparently so do a lot of people! Give me the plain flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, and I’ll get wowed! Give me the totally scrumptious flavors like almond peanut butter or black cherry and vanilla bean and I’ll jump up and down with craziness!

For a lot of us, ice cream is a much more than just frozen milk, cream, and some flavoring. Ice cream is reason for getting together. Ice cream always is present at a party. Ice cream is something that cools us down on a hot, summery day. Ice cream is that stuff that gets all gooey on the faces of little ones and makes us look at the children with delight and say, “Oh, my word! Look how cute!” Ice cream is a great way to make memories!

Last weekend, I had the most wonderful Mother’s Day ever! I got to visit with family in the grand city of Nashville, Tennessee! Granted, I love the city, and it’s an awesome place to visit, BUT the city would not be what it is to me if I didn’t have loved ones living there! I got to spend precious moments with some of my children and my grandchildren! And, guess what helped give us some of our most cherished moments of our time together? Ice cream!!!!!

We laughed, we talked, and ate all kinds of flavors of ice cream. The kids had ice cream all over their faces, on their shirts, on the tables and chairs, and nobody seemed to care. The “ice cream social” was too good for words!

We all need those “ice cream moments” when we can get together and just let our hair down and enjoy life. Those times when we forget we have any cares in this world, and we fall into the “I love life more than anything” mode. Those times when all we care to do is laugh and play and enjoy the moment.

If you’ve noticed the date of this blog, you’ll know that my visit to Nashville was directly following the flood that did billions of dollars of damage in that fair city, as well as claimed lives of some very precious people. You might ask how we could take a break away from the heavy pain of this time of sorrow to eat ice cream and laugh. We did it because that is often how we deal with the deep sorrows of life — we take some necessary small breaks away from the pain in order to recharge our batteries. We take mini grief breaks to give ourselves time to replenish and refuel.

The Nashville people were doing just that, too! Many were out last weekend talking, laughing, and enjoying some ice cream. They weren’t disrespectful. They weren’t forgetting the massive clean-up about to begin in the city. They weren’t making light of the pain. They were simply getting energized for the work that lies ahead.

What’s your pain today? More importantly, what’s your plan for survival? Do you have an “ice cream social” planned? Maybe a “chocoate chip cookie fest” ? Or how about a movie-marathon? What is it that recharges you? What fills up your tank when it is running on low? Whatever it is, then do it today! It’s a matter of survival!


Clara Hinton

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