You gotta be kidding me — A "Winter Hurricane" — What’s next?!?!?!?!

I think I’ve about heard it all now. First two feet of snow. Then, three feet of snow. Then, the blizzard of 2010. Now……..the “winter hurricane”! What’s next?!?!?!? The winds raged, the snow fell to the tune of 18 more inches, the drifts in my driveway are over 6 feet high…….and all roads that lead into town are closed. Bare ground has not been seen since December 1, 2009, and it’s now February 26, 2010. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry or just pull the covers up over my head and sleep away the remainder of the winter.

Doesn’t life throw all of us curves like that from time-to-time? It sure has happened to me more than once, and I’m sure it’s happened to you, too! I can well remember the day when 5 of my kids broke out in chicken pox all of the same day. UGH! Or the time when the car broke down and had to be towed three different times in one week — and all I was doing was trying to get the kids to the doctor because they had been vomiting for a week straight! Sure, I can recall the time the power was out for 5 days during a blizzard and the house was so cold you could see your breath. I kept the two babies bundled in snowsuits and had no way to heat their formula and they froze their little bottoms off just getting their diapers changed.

Stacks of unpaid bills. Sick kids. A broken down car. The flu. A killer migraine. And, then unexpected company standing at the door! We’ve all been there — at the place of near collapse wishing that we could just hibernate until all of the problems go away!

But, the truth is we know that we can’t hibernate, and as along as we’re living and breathing there will be blizzards, snowstorms, and even winter hurricanes that will surround us, trap us in for a while, and try to crush us. BUT, you know what? We manage to make it somehow. We really do! And, sometimes we just need some reminders that life won’t always be winter and storms. The sun will come out, the flowers will bloom, and the sky will be blue!

If you’re getting slammed by winter right now like I am, try to relax. Sometimes there’s nothing we can do but “get through” and hold on to the knowledge that this too shall pass. Winter won’t last forever and spring will surely arrive!

I’m still snowed in, and you know what? I stayed in my pj’s all day, drank a little wine, indulged in a lot of chocolate, listened to some awesome music, and took advantage of a day off from work. I had a “winter hurricane party”, and the night is still young! Hey, why not make the best of a bad situation? Wanna join me? Hop on your snowmobile and come on over. Happy hour begins around eight!
Love and hugs,

2 thoughts on “You gotta be kidding me — A "Winter Hurricane" — What’s next?!?!?!?!

  1. If I was closer I would!! It is amazing how looooooooonnnnnnnnnnggg this winter has been all over the country! I am tired of arctic fronts, snow, ice, no sunshine etc. Today a first gleam of hope! 32 and SUNSHINE all day!! We still don't see much ground!! The streets are finally dry that is a plus! I will be thinking about you and just think Italy…is right around the corner!! sigh! 🙂 you deserve it girl! I'm glad you stayed in your PJs all day! We need that for sure!! xoxox Deb

  2. Happy Winter Hurricane Day!! Sounds absolutely perfect! We have had snow on the ground 5 times since December 2nd. Not quite the same, but it's an anomaly for us here in Fort Worth, TX! Stay warm, and have a glass of wine for me! Love, Traci

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