Sometimes you just gotta get away from it all!

Sometimes you just gotta get away from it all! I know. I know every excuse in the book because I’ve probably used them all. “I don’t have the time. I don’t have the money. I have too much going on. I can’t leave the kids. I can’t leave my family. I feel guilty for thinking of myself. The time isn’t right. I’ll wait until next year. My car won’t make it. I’m too afraid to fly. Everything’s too expensive.” And on and on the excuses go!

The truth is that sometimes you just gotta get away from it all or you’ll go nuts! That’s just about how I was feeling when I left for the beach a few days ago. This winter has been long and hard and cold and brutal. I feel deprived and grumpy when I don’t see the sunshine and blue sky for long periods of time. I need to feel the warm sunshine as much as a baby needs to feel the warm hugs of his mama . Winter takes its toll on me, and I knew that it was time to get away from it all for just a few days.

No, my bank account wasn’t ready for this trip. It’s NEVER ready for a trip. But, I knew if I didn’t let a bill or two go and head for the sunshine that I would be emotionally and physically bankrupt in another two weeks. So, I decided to cast all reason aside and fly the friendly skies to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

What happened? Well, I can tell you this much. I saw the sunshine every day! I walked the beach for miles and miles. I got up at 6:00 a.m. each day so that I could be on the beach with my camera in order to catch the first glimpse of the morning sun. I found hundreds of awesome seashells (and brought every one of my treasures back home with me). I laughed and smiled and joked and enjoyed meals with friends. I made new friends and laughed some more. I walked to the end of a pier and took hundreds of pictures of the ocean and sand and sea. I went to bed listening to the sound of the ocean waves lapping up against the shore. I woke up to the music of those same ocean waves beckoning me to come enjoy another day of play. And I played hard. And, I got revived.

The light in me that was beginning to flicker and dim is now shining brighter than ever! Yep, I have those same bills to pay. I came home to the same dirty dishes and laundry I left behind. The snow was still piled a mile high. The same problems I left behind were here, and even some new ones arrived. BUT, I’m revived!!!! I’m alive and revived and my mind is more clear, my heart is happier, and I weigh 5 pounds more. And, what a trip! What beautiful memories! What awesome experiences! What a nice retreat away from the grueling winter. What a sweet taste of the beautiful spring that is soon to come!

Do it! Don’t postpone any longer. Sometimes you just gotta pack up and get away from it all!

Love and hugs,

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