Another Valentine’s Day Spent Alone

For many people, just the words “Valentine’s Day” sends a shiver of pain up their spine. For them it means being alone again. Nobody to call them special. No flowers sent to their door. No box of chocolate candy to share by candlelight with the love of your life. No romantic date. No hugs and kisses and hearing those words we all crave, “I love you.” Valentine’s Day for many is a day of heartache and reminders of being nobody’s special one.

All of this could get rather dismal, BUT we do have choices in things like this. I know……you probably don’t want to hear it because you’ve heard it so many times before. “Life is a sum of the choices we make. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to live in misery.” There was a time in my own life when that was told to me and I wanted to raise my leg and do a karate kick right in the person’s face who was talking to me. I, like you, didn’t want to hear it. It’s difficult to hear that we have a choice in matters of the heart. But, it’s true.

I’m convinced that very few people will have that movie-star, dream of a lifetime type of Valentine’s Day. Couples will argue and fight. Many will go to extravagant extremes and increase their debt on their charge cards. Others will buy cards and flowers only to have them thrown out the next day. The thought of Valentine’s Day is awesome, but the reality of life is that we really and truly should be living as though every day was Valentine’s Day — speaking those words “I love you” to those we love more than once a year. Doing acts of kindness and love in the little daily things such as taking out the garbage without being asked, running the vacuum to help out, giving a much-needed word of encouragement to someone who needs it. None of these things cost money, but they do add up in the bank account of life. Small, unsolicited kindnesses often make the difference between a person wanting to get up in the morning or not.

So, how should YOU spend Valentine’s Day this year if you’re alone? Well, I have two suggestions and I’ve done both so I know that both work. You can choose to ignore the fact that the calendar has extra words printed on it that say “Valentine’s Day.” Keep in mind, those are only words, and the 24 hours on February 14 will pass just as surely as the 24 hours on February 15 will pass, so why get all fussed up about it? Don’t put yourself into a tailspin and throw yourself into depression over a date on a calendar!!!!

You can also do something that requres some action, and I guarantee you that it will make you feel like a million bucks even if you’re feeling like a tarnished penny right now. DO SOMETHING KIND FOR SOMEONE ELSE!

Do you have a nearby Children’s Hospital or Nursing Home? If so, make a visit and deliver a bag of valentines (you can get a box for a dollar at the Dollar Tree) and have the nurses distribute them to someone in a hospital who has no visitor that day. I get happy just thinking about doing that!!!! Take a bunch of valentines with you and go to a local mall and hand them out to passers by. Will they think you’re crazy? Some might, but I’ll guarantee you that many will thank you because YOU will be their only Valentine this year. Go to a local eatery (not a fine dining establishment) and pay for someone’s meal anonymously. How awesome that would be!!!! I assure you there will be lots of people eating alone on Valentine’s Day — not just you. Get creative. You can make a list of 50 or more ways to make someone else’s day brighter, I’m sure, and when you do, YOU have become a SPECIAL VALENTINE to each one and your own heart will overflow with love, too.

Yes, we do have a choice. Me? I have my box of Scooby Doo valentines sitting on the kitchen table all ready to go!

Bunches of love to you,


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