What is a Grief Retreat?

When we think of the word “retreat” we generally think of a place to “get away”, “a hiding place”, “a place of restoration and replenishment”, and “a place to withdraw from regular routines.” All of those descriptions are true! And, when going to a “Grief Retreat” you can expect even more……..you can expect to gain a lifeline of support, and a nucleus of friendships, and coping skills that will aid you as you journey through this foreign land we call “grief.”

I am a Bereavement Facilitator, the author of the book Silent Grief (about “finding your way through the darkness” following child loss), and the founder of the www.silentgrief.com website. I am also a mom who has suffered six miscarriages, delivered a stillborn son, and experienced the pain of the death of my 13-year-old sister (when I was 15).

On September 18, 2009 there is an opportunity for parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends who have lost a child or loved one to gather together in the healing mountains of Pennsylvania to spend time together learning methods of healing and replenishment. This is the Second Silent Grief Retreat to be held, and it’s my hope that if your heart is in a place of pain from loss you will give yourself this “gift of life” by attending this Silent Grief Retreat.

Does it take guts to attend? It sure does! That first step is always the most difficult step. But, I can guarantee you that you will not regret going to this retreat! We will have lots of discussion, informal sessions together, meals together, alone time, fun time (including a hayride!), and times of meditation, relaxation, and prayer. Please visit www.clarahinton.com for the agenda and registration sign up form.

Why am I telling you about this? Because I want your heart to feel good again. I want you to experience joy again. I want you to feel warmth and friendship again. I want you to “feel.” I’ve “been there” in the grief realm, and my life, like the lives of so many, continues to be touched by grief in many different ways. But, I also know inner peace and joy and I want to share with you how to experience that, too.

Why not give the retreat a try? Open your heart to healing. I’d love to meet you, and welcome you into the “family of survivors” and help walk this walk of healing with you.

Do this one exercise for today: Visualize yourself as feeling peaceful. Think of a calm flowing stream. Close your eyes and listen to the gentle sounds of nature about you. Picture fields of fresh green grass and lovely flowers. Think of the most peaceful scene you can ever imagine….for me that would be walking along the shore of a seculded beach where the only thing I can see for miles and miles is the gorgeous blue sky and blue water. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly as you are thinking peaceful thoughts and visualizing peaceful places.

Finally, when you feel yourself being overcome with fear, doubt, stress, and anxiety, bring these peaceful thoughts and visions to mind and feel the peaceful calm enter your body and mind. Use this as one of your coping skills in difficult situations. It works every time!

Have a wonderful day today! Living life fully is a choice, and it is my hope that you will join me in the choice to have a beautiful day today!


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